With so much going on around us, it’s the perfect time to come together and sing.
We will be gathering tonight In community.
Join us if you can and we will hold an aching world in our hearts.

Monthly Ecstatic Kirtan with Daniel Stewart and Friends!

SATURDAY December 15, 2018 at 8:30pm
at Rising Lotus Yoga
14148 Magnolia blvd,
Sherman Oaks, CA
$20 donation for the band

Join us for a powerful evening of joy. Come and sing, or dance, or rest in meditation and sound.

We need your voice – This is such an important time for comunity to gather and lean into one another. Your singing brings the kirtan alive – as we are all part of the band. Join us. All you need is your open heart and a willingness to surrender to the flow.

When we sing Kirtan we can drop deeply into devotional space of joyful unity. The heart space often opens energetically and expands into a feeling of unconditional love and Bliss.

And after we sing, we find ourselves siting quietly in vibrant, stillness and awareness. This feeling and vibration of energetically oneness is called bhav or bhava. The more openly you sing, the more you openly you can feel it. It’s a perfect trade in that way. 🙂

Let’s fill the room up with ecstatic singing and dancing and see what happens next. Spread the word. Bring family and friends.

“KIRTAN is a straight shot practice to relaxed ego consciousness and deep alignment with our inner life and creative source. We sing to open our hearts and literally realign our energy with the higher experience of transcendent consciousness, love and bliss…”

No experience necessary; just bring a pillow and an open heart.

By donation for the band $20 dollars but no one is ever turned away! Come and share this joyful community experience.


Much love