Singer/songwriter Kimberly Haynes’ artfully delivers a sublime and moving rendition of German Vasquez’ beautiful song “Pinta,” from her album “In Dreams.”

Lyrics in both English and Spanish accompanied by beautiful images of the planet we all inhabit.

Includes images by TJ Devadatta Best

Video directed and edited by Kimberly Haynes.
by German Vasquez arr. by Kimberly Haynes and David Vito Gregoli

Pinta una bella flor bañada por la luz del sol.
Pinta el vuelo de un ave que de su jaula escapó.
Canta y siente la magia que produce la canción.
Danza y mueve tu cuerpo en espirales hacia el sol.

Pinta una gran montaña elevándose al cielo.
Valles de mil colores, poesías del silencio.
El árbol de la vida alimentando la creación.
Caminos despejados por la fuerza del amor.

Pinta la noche oscura con estrellas luminosas.
Plantar la semilla del arcoiris es la cura.
Rociar cada mañana bendiciones de luz pura.

luz luz estrellita del amor
luz luz pacha mama en mi corazon

Pinta ese paraíso primero en tu corazón.
Colores infinitos siempre a tu disposición.
Tus dedos son pinceles, usa tu imaginación.
No detengas al niño, juega alegre y sin temor.

Cristales despertando con la fuerza del amor.
Deidades van llegando en la escalera del cielo.
Palacios de cuarzo y esmeraldas nos esperan.
Allá en lo más lejano lo lejano es lo más cerca.

Mira el águila volando como se pierde en el viento.
Mira el colibrí jugando con sus alitas de flor en flor.
Y en mi interior van sonando todas las notas de esta canción.
Y en tu interior van sonando todas las notas de esta canción.

Pinta con toda tu alma, con la confianza y la inspiración.
Pinta con toda tu alma, con la certeza en el corazón.
Y en mi interior despertando y voy en estallando en puro color.
Y en tu interior despertando y vas estallando en puro color.


Paint a beautiful flower bathed in sunlight.
Paint the flight of a bird that escaped from its cage.
Sing and feel the magic that the song produces.
Dance and move your body in spirals towards the sun.

Paint a great mountain rising to the sky.
Valleys of a thousand colors, poems of silence.
The tree of life feeding creation.
Paths cleared by the force of love.

Paint the dark night with bright stars.
Paint the great desert, an oasis full of roses.
Planting the rainbow seed is the cure.
Sprinkle blessings of pure light every morning.

light light love
light light pacha mama in my heart

Paint that paradise first in your heart.
Infinite colors always at your disposal.
Your fingers are brushes, use your imagination.
Do not stop the child, play cheerfully and without fear.

Crystals awakening with the force of love.
Deities are arriving on the stairway of heaven.
Palaces of quartz and emeralds await us.
There in the farthest, far is the closest.

Watch the eagle flying as it is lost in the wind.
Watch the hummingbird playing with its wings from flower to flower.
And in my interior all the notes of this song are playing.
And inside you are playing all the notes of this song.

Paint with all your soul, with confidence and inspiration.
Paint with all your soul, with the certainty in the heart.
And in my interior waking up and I am exploding in pure color.
And inside you waking up and you are exploding in pure color.


“Just finished listening to The new album titled “In Dreams” by Kimberly Haynes and as usual, was blown away. Look her up and check it out. Her voice, her song choices and the amazing instrumentation always touches my soul, but this time I laid in bed and cried as some of the songs touched such a deep part of me. Thank you Kimberly for sharing your gifts with the world. 1f495.png1f64f_1f3fb.png1f495.png
– Sheri

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