In the big picture isn’t everything related to politics?

If you breath air or drink water, politics matter. Trump is currently dismantling many safeguards for our environment.
If you eat food, politics matter. He’s also hampering food health with cuts to departments, farmers are going bankrupt in record numbers and it turns out our methods of producing enough food for our out of control population are having other grave consequences on our environment not including just Climate Change.
If you want to share your opinion on something with other friends, politics matter. Our right to assemble is being challenged by more and more restrictions on how and when we can protest.
If you want control of your reproductivity, politics matter. Especially if you are a woman, the access to Planned Parenthood and other like facilities is being restricted in many states. 
Need I go on??

Lastly, if you do decide that politics do matter, checkout this article on how essential it is to vote. Our votes do matter. Even though there is an ongoing effort by republicans to kick people of the voting rolls, even though there is the electoral college, our vote are important. Checkout the image below as well >>>>>>