“I began writing songs when I was about 13. I composed my first classical piece in high school.
Somewhere before I graduated college with a degree in music, I started writing New Age compositions, though at the time I didn’t call them that. That term hadn’t yet become main stream.
Finally in the early 2000s I had to admit there was some merit in releasing such music as it was already in the Grammy’s and some folks were actually selling CDs in that genre. So I released my first album “Yoga Heart Healing”.

In the course of the next decade I released a Latin guitar album (Organic Nylon), an ambient album (Yoga Heart Healing), a world jazz album with grammy winner David Joyce (New World Jazz Order), a couple of Indian music crossover albums with virtuoso singer Mala Ganguly (Bhajan Beats and Prana) and two albums of New Age/groove/fusion, (Primordial Sonics and Om Land).

…and I’m just getting started.



In addition to his ongoing musical relationship with many artists, including Kimberly Haynes and Ricky Kej, Vito is currently composing and recording the double album project “Song Divine” with author, media personality, ayurveda lifestyle advocate, teacher Lissa Coffey. It’s a new lyrical “rock opera” of the epic ancient hindu scripture “Bhagavad Gita”, a 700-verse Hindu scripture that is part of the epic “Mahabharata”. This genre crunching album is due for release in the fall of 2021 and features guest performances by Indian pop star Sonu Nigam, world renown drummers Gregg Bissonette and MB Gordy as well as many other Indian musicians from around the world. The roles of Krishna and Arjuna are sung by Deepak Ramapriyan and Alexander Perez.

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Albums and singles from David Vito Gregoli:

Primordial Sonics is Ambient Aboriginal Groove Fusion

In this tour de force of global and stylistic diversity Vito’s music is innovative and irresistibly infectious, featuring Indian, Australian and Middle Eastern sounds infused with modern rhythms.

Didjeridu virtuoso Stephen Kent joins Vito, as well as Bay area percussionist Geoffrey Gordon and Manose on flute.

Freshly imagined tracks from “Yoga Heart Healing”

For listeners with less time to luxuriate in the lengthier versions, these 6-8 minute ‘radio ready’ single shots are more readily experienced and yet every bit as satisfying as the original. It concentrates the relaxing and meditation-enhancing power of the highly regarded “Yoga Heart Healing” album.

Features ambient synths, Esraj (from Bengal) and meditation bowls.

Soothing new age music for Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Healing & Relaxation

Award-winning Producer/Guitarist David Vito Gregoli combines his unique talents with Grammy winning artist/composer Ricky Kej, accomplished singer/songwriter Kimberly Haynes and percussionist/sound healer Christo Pellani to bring you Om Land, a musical meditation on the divine sound.

Produced by David Vito Gregoli and Ricky Kej

Re-imagined radio versions of the acclaimed ambient/chant album “Om Land”

Award-winning Producer/Guitarist David Vito Gregoli combines his unique talents with Grammy winning artist Ricky Kej, accomplished singer/songwriter Kimberly Haynes and percussionist Christo Pellani to bring you Om Land – The Shortcuts, re-imagined shorter versions of the acclaimed ambient/chant album “Om Land” from David Vito Gregoli.

Produced by David Vito Gregoli and Ricky Kej

East/west ambient fusion of Indian vocals on a luscious bed of Soundscape

Virtuoso Indian singer Mala Ganguly teams with multi instrumentalist and producer David Vito Gregoli.

“Instead of flooding us with loud bhajans, the music gently invites the listener in, to find the magic of the yoga in the sounds.
The vocals gently  teach us how to use our ears to do yoga simply by listening intently…It can help us through our own struggles to manage stress, and experience music in a new way.”

Soothing new age music for Yoga, Massage & Relaxation

YOGA HEART HEALING was created to aid relaxation, massage, meditation or yoga. Soothing synth soundscapes mix with the haunting sounds of the bowed Bengali instrument, the Esraj. Features rich vibrant textures of soothing melodic transitions.

From the concert hall -- to the jungles of Paraguay -- to the dance floors of Barcelona

Listen to the sounds of the Nylon Guitar. An Organic sound.

“It’s both candlelight and a cold beer on a warm day dipping chips into guacamole.”

Guest performances by World Percussionist Geoffrey Gordon (Robbie Robertson, Rita Coolidge, Krisna Das), drummer John Mahon (Elton John), World flautist Suzanne Teng and keyboardist David Joyce (Natalie Cole, Burt Bacharach, David Byrne.)

Produced, arranged and performed by David Vito Gregoli

Mashup of the Beatles "All You Need Is Love" coupled with Yes' "Your Move".

David Vito Gregoli is a Composer/Producer/Multi Instrumentalist. His music is diverse & intense as well as passionate and romantic. He is owner and primary producer for Dharmapala Records. This is one of his rare vocal performances. He is joined by singer/actor Daphne Ashbrook.

This song is dedicated to the memory of John Lennon who have been 79 this year.

Traditional Christmas carol arranged in a country/americana style/ open tuning steel string guitar, dobro & mandolin

David Vito Gregoli is a Composer/Producer/Multi Instrumentalist. His music is diverse & intense as well as passionate and romantic.

Heart Opening Music to Invoke the Divine Feminine

In the legend of Kuan Yin, the ascended bodhisattva turns away from the gates of Nirvana in order to stay in the world until all sentient beings are free from suffering.

With Songs of Kuan Yin,a gathering of some of today's most passionate and talented female performers bring you music inspired by this beloved deity—10 devotional offerings to immerse you in the "cool, cleansing waters of Kuan Yin's compassion."

...including "Prayer for Kuan Yin" by Donna De Lory and David Vito Gregoli.

East/west fusion of Indian devotional bhajans & western dance/chill beats.

Producer/Multi Instrumentalist David Vito Gregoli creates a backdrop to feature the amazing vocals of North Indian diva Mala Ganguly.

"Mahadeva" features vocals from Donna De Lory and Didjeridu by Stephen Kent.

This unique blend of styles is both sublime & sensual.
“I cannot get enough of Malaji’s phrasing and inflections. She has that ability to move on top and through the melodies with a sense of ease, grace and serenity that most western bhajan singers can not hold a candle up to.”
- LA Yoga

Classic Christmas carol in a smooth latin style arranged for nylon guitar, flute, bass, piano & percussion

After years of rock 'n roll, David Vito Gregoli began playing nylon classical guitar in college (getting a Bachelor's degree with a Musicology emphasis.) One of his teachers was a South American guitar scholar, Richard Stover, who introduced him to Torroba, Villa Lobos, Barrios and Jobim, among others. This, along with his mother's fancy for Afro-Cuban dance, eventually led to this project and to the 2007 release, Organic Nylon