David Vito Gregoli – Music Producer


Being a music producer these days can require you wear a lot of hats” say Vito.
“Your the arranger, the engineer, the computer technician, the A&R guy, most of the players, the best friend who will be totally honest with you, and sometimes the mixer and mastering engineer. Not an easy job”.
“I’m fortunate that I’ve worked in many different genres and many different situations. I think that gives me a unique perspective. Growing up in a family whose business was TV/Film gave me a good sense of the arc of a musical piece. And that’s important because whether your singing lyrics or playing an instrumental piece, it’s about a story.”

Indeed, Vito’s musical journey has been nothing if not diverse. His earliest musical explorations were rooted in Pop, Rock, Jazz and Blues, and shades of The Beatles, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck can be spotted in his work to this day. By the time he was in his teens, he was already hailed as a guitar virtuoso and working regularly in the L.A. club scene. “I was lucky I could grow a beard, so I passed for legal age,” quips Vito. Surrounded by older and more experienced musicians, Vito soaked up technique and style, but took a right turn in college towards Classical Music. “I’ve loved history since I was a kid, and Classical Music was the soundtrack to every era. At university, my emphasis was in Renaissance music, composition, and later, Spanish guitar.” This Latin influence would later flower into “Organic Nylon,” a Classical guitar CD laced with jazzy, South-of-the-Border flavor and sensuality.

Vito’s classical studies naturally led him to scoring. “I grew up in a theatrical family, and my sister was always calling on me to create music for her shows,” says Vito. His keen dramatic instincts have been tapped for music in film, TV and theatre projects.

Vito uses Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer DAW exclusively.

Endorsements include Blue Microphones, Godin and Simon & Patrick guitars, Fishman Pickups, and Shubb Capos.

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Experience the holidays via the Winter solstice with singer/songwriter Mary Gospe

Mary Gospe is a singer/songwriter based in the San Francisco Bay Area whose style can be described as “Celtic, Retro, Americana.” Her songs are filled with empowering messages and a strong spiritual undercurrent. Mary is currently working on her debut album with multi-instrumentalist/producer David Vito Gregoli

Reinvisioned remixes from award winning album "Awaken Me"

The EP features a new radio edit of “You’re The One That I Want/Govinda Jaya”, a brand new dance/chill version of the album title song “Awaken Me (Global Mix)” and “Do I Dare (Earth Mix)” from the award winning Awaken Me album.

Featuring performances by Byron Metcalf, Aeb Byrne, Christo Pellani, Jamie Papish, Butto, Garreth Laffely, Cooper Madison Lanier,  and co-producer David Vito Gregoli.

Thoughtful and Inspiring, diverse and illuminating, a blissful journey for the soul.

Singer-songwriter Kimberly Haynes draws from various musical styles to create a beautiful mosaic of authentic and joyful stories.

“Kimberly paints musical portraits from a diverse palette of influences…Her expressive voice ranges from soft to soaring with thoughtful and inspiring lyrics that touch the heart and illuminate the spiritual quest.”
– Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

Featuring performances by Grammy® winner Peter Kater, Tina Malia, Byron Metcalf, Jesus Florido, Ken Stacey and producer David Vito Gregoli.

Produced by Kimberly Haynes and David Vito Gregoli

A contemporary Kirtan experience blending classic rock, and world music, w a bit of trance & a touch of gospel.

A collection of traditional and original chants infused with a fresh, inviting resonance; all while remaining true to the sacred and devotional practice that is Kirtan at its core.
Features performances by Michael Manring, Steve Gorn, Manda Mosher and multi instrumentalist and 
Producer David Vito Gregoli.

Lokah Samastah: May There Be Peace.

The meaning of this chant is very close to her heart and a message the world needs right now, “May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”


East/west fusion of Indian devotional bhajans & western dance/chill beats.

Producer/Multi Instrumentalist David Vito Gregoli creates a backdrop to feature the amazing vocals of North Indian diva Mala Ganguly.

This unique blend of styles is both sublime & sensual.
“I cannot get enough of Malaji’s phrasing and inflections. She has that ability to move on top and through the melodies with a sense of ease, grace and serenity that most western bhajan singers can not hold a candle up to.”
LA Yoga

"All of the songs that I chose for All Good Dreamers comment on the complexities of love..."

…dreams and just being a human in today’s world. Navigating your way through all the noise and tragedy that seem to roll through our lives daily. This music helps me through it.”

“A perfect balance of current cuts and nostalgic gems, All GoodDreamers is the kind of spent a Friday night at home with” –  the Baub Show

Produced by and all instruments performed by David Vito Gregoli

Tibetan chants to the deity Tara in it's Green and White emanations.

Jamyang Sakya is Sakya Dagmo (Holy Mother) of the Sakya Khon family — one of Tibet’s religious family lineages.
Arya Tara is the Saviouress who responds to the needs and sufferings of beings.

“This is not music, this is prayer. Her voice on the recording is full of clarity and innocence, and this is passed along to the one listening to this chanting…This is of the highest quality and sincerity of heart that you can possibly find.”

Produced and arranged by David Vito Gregoli

For years, actor/singer Daphne Ashbrook has been asked, "When are you going to finally record an album?"

Inspired by singer/songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Shawn Colvin & Patty Griffin, the artist chose tunes that profoundly touched her heart. “I love songs that tell stories, like ‘Useless Desires’ by Patty Griffin & Joni’s ‘Furry Sings the Blues’. They make you feel something, something real.” Just as her acting skills range from the dramatic to the comedic, Daphne also was attracted to songs with ironic humor, like Griffin’s “One Big Love”, the Talking Heads’ “This Must Be the Place” & the jazzy Billie Holiday-esque “I Don’t Need No Doctor,” which is a tongue-in-cheek nod to her best known film role in Doctor Who. “Of course, Rickie Lee Jones’ ‘Horses’ is my ode to my daughter,” Daphne says.

Produced and arranged by multi instrumentalist David Vito Gregoli

A warm, uplifting musical experience for the Holiday Season, featuring violins, piano and vocals

This unconventional reworking of traditional Christmas fare appeals equally to the listener that is comforted by the familiar and the one that delights in new and exciting musical adventures.  This CD ranges from meditative and inspiring to upbeat and energizing, and is always thoroughly delightful!

“It will make you think of holly and snow-bound Dickensian evenings, instead of fake trees and crowded shopping malls.
Pretty arrangements from this talented duo!”

Produced and arranged by David Vito Gregoli

Alternatively sexy and spiritual, playful and dramatic, its a tour de force of world jazz
DHARMA BUDS are David Vito Gregoli (guitarist/multi-instrumentalist) and David Joyce (keyboardist/vocalist). “New World Jazz Order” goes beyond ‘smooth jazz’ – (this is not Kenny G), using World Music textures and edgy crossover grooves to paint a compelling soundscape.
Heart Opening Music to Invoke the Divine Feminine

In the legend of Kuan Yin, the ascended bodhisattva turns away from the gates of Nirvana in order to stay in the world until all sentient beings are free from suffering.

With Songs of Kuan Yin, a gathering of some of today’s most passionate and talented female performers bring you music inspired by this beloved deity—10 devotional offerings to immerse you in the “cool, cleansing waters of Kuan Yin’s compassion.”

…including “Prayer for Kuan Yin” by Donna De Lory and David Vito Gregoli

East/west ambient fusion of Indian vocals on a luscious bed of Soundscape

Virtuoso Indian singer Mala Ganguly teams with multi instrumentalist and producer David Vito Gregoli.

"Instead of flooding us with loud bhajans, the music gently invites the listener in, to find the magic of the yoga in the sounds.
The vocals gently  teach us how to use our ears to do yoga simply by listening intently...It can help us through our own struggles to manage stress, and experience music in a new way."

Alternatively sexy and spiritual, playful and dramatic, its a tour de force of world jazz

DHARMA BUDS are David Vito Gregoli (guitarist/multi-instrumentalist) and David Joyce (keyboardist/vocalist). "New World Jazz Order" goes beyond 'smooth jazz' – (this is not Kenny G), using World Music textures and edgy crossover grooves to paint a compelling soundscape.

Mashup of the Beatles "All You Need Is Love" coupled with Yes' "Your Move".

David Vito Gregoli is a Composer/Producer/Multi Instrumentalist. His music is diverse & intense as well as passionate and romantic. He is owner and primary producer for Dharmapala Records. This is one of his rare vocal performances. He is joined by singer/actor Daphne Ashbrook.

This song is dedicated to the memory of John Lennon who have been 79 this year.