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Ecstatic Kirtan w/ Daniel Stewart and Friends 12/15

Ecstatic Kirtan w/ Daniel Stewart and Friends 12/15

With so much going on around us, it’s the perfect time to come together and sing. We will be gathering tonight In community. Join us if you can and we will hold an aching world in our hearts. Monthly Ecstatic Kirtan with Daniel Stewart and Friends! SATURDAY December...

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Quincy Coleman @ Hotel Cafe 12.2.18

Quincy Coleman @ Hotel Cafe 12.2.18

Quincy: My dear Soul Brother friend, Mark Seliger, who happens to be BOTH a SLAMMING photographer and break your heart singer-songwriter, is in town celebrating his exhibit at the Fahey Klein Art Gallery which opened last night. It runs through January 19th, check it...

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Experience the holidays via the Winter solstice with singer/songwriter Mary Gospe
Mary Gospe is a singer/songwriter based in the San Francisco Bay Area whose style can be described as “Celtic, Retro, Americana.” Her songs are filled with empowering messages and a strong spiritual undercurrent. 

Winter Solstice combines Mary’s etherial vocals with a grooving bass line, percussion and South American charango played by multi-instrumentalist/producer David Vito Gregoli. 

The song celebrates the holiday season, spreading “love and joy and peace throughout the world.”



The meaning of this chant is very close to her heart and a message the world needs right now
“May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”

This song was produced and co-written by multi instrumentalist David Vito Gregoli.

Reinvisioned remixes from award winning album "Awaken Me"

The EP features a new radio edit of “You’re The One That I Want/Govinda Jaya”, a brand new dance/chill version of the album title song “Awaken Me (Global Mix)” and “Do I Dare (Earth Mix)” from the award winning Awaken Me album.

Featuring performances by Byron Metcalf, Aeb Byrne, Christo Pellani, Jamie Papish, Butto, Garreth Laffely, Cooper Madison Lanier,  and co-producer David Vito Gregoli.

Re-imagined radio versions of the acclaimed ambient/chant album “Om Land”
Award-winning Producer/Guitarist David Vito Gregoli combines his unique talents with Grammy winning artist Ricky Kej, accomplished singer/songwriter Kimberly Haynes and percussionist Christo Pellani to bring you Om Land – The Shortcuts, re-imagined shorter versions of the acclaimed ambient/chant album “Om Land” from David Vito Gregoli.