DHARMA BUDS are David Vito Gregoli (guitarist/multi-instrumentalist) and David Joyce (keyboardist/vocalist). “New World Jazz Order” goes beyond ‘smooth jazz’ – (this is not Kenny G), using World Music textures and edgy crossover grooves to paint a compelling soundscape.

Grammy-winner David Joyce has performed, recorded & toured with Natalie Cole, Burt Bacharach, David Byrne, Chris Isaak and other luminaries. “Working with my gifted and dear friend ‘DVG’ always pushes, challenges and inspires me, and this project is fulfilling my deep passion for multi-cultural diversity. The musicality and generosity of everyone involved is humbling.”

With influences as contradictory as the Cream, Ravi Shankar & Claude Debussy, guitar impresario David Vito Gregoli has worked on projects with Jon Anderson (Yes), Bill Champlin (Chicago), as well as World Music/New Age artists Jai Uttal, Tulku, Donna De Lory & Stephen Halpern. “David (Joyce) is a centering force on this project. He always brings me back to what is important, what needs to be the focus. His keen musicality is vital to the process.”

This dynamic project is richly layered with guest performances by World Music chantreuse Donna De Lory (Madonna, Selena), North Indian vocalist Mala Ganguly (Jai Uttal, Ali Akbar Khan), Bob Birch & John Mahon (Elton John Band), Didjeridu wizard Stephen Kent (Steve Roach, Airto Moreira), Nepalese flautist Manose (Krishna Das, Deva Premal), Eyvonne Williams (Stevie Wonder, Dave Koz), Smitty Smith & Oscar Seaton (Norman Brown, Everette Harp), New Age flautist Suzanne Teng (Mychael Danna, Prince Diabate).

Alternatively sexy and spiritual, playful and dramatic, this tour de force of world jazz artfully incorporates an esoteric array of ethnic instruments to create a cascade of moods. The earthy Australian digeridoo, sensual Latin percussion and the exotic tones & rhythms of Indian tabla, esraj, and bansuri contribute their unique ambient textures. World Fusion cognoscente may also detect the weeping tones of the Armenian duduk and Chinese erhu’s melodic lilt. “When we experiment with unexpected instrumental juxtapositions,” explains Gregoli, “we’re often surprised by the harmonious results. It’s a multi-cultural melting pot of sound”.

Produced by
David Vito Gregoli & David Joyce

Dharma Buds are guitarist/multi instrumentalist David V. Gregoli and keyboardist/vocalist David Joyce. Although the music fits into the light jazz genre, it employs unique use of World music elements, vocals and Ambient textures. The two David’s met back in college and have been involved in various music projects in virtually all genres ever since. This is there first release as a band. Grammy winner David Joyce comes from a respected family of studio singers and David V. Gregoli is the only musical member of his family…oh, well. David Joyce has perfomed, recorded & toured with Natalie Cole, Burt Bacharach, David Byrne, Chris Isaak and other luminaries. David V. Gregoli has recorded on projects with Jon Anderson of Yes, Bill Champlin of Chicago, world music pioneer Jai Uttal, world electonica Tulku, & New Age music stalwart Stephen Halpern. “new world jazz order” is more than just a ‘smooth jazz’ project. The use of world music textures and edgy crossover grooves create a unique and captivating sound.

“I enjoyed the interesting shapes and textures in this music. Some of the songs had particularly arresting qualities, and I thought some of the choices were clever and gutsy. Overall, a fun experience.”
– Randall Kennedy, Artizen Records

“This is like no jazz CD i’ve ever heard. Strong melodies, world percussion, Indian sitar and vocals, duduk from Armenia. What a treat for my ears! I recommend this to anyone who wants to have both a relaxing and stimulating aural experience. Reminded me of Jai Uttal, Pat Metheny & that wonderful CD One Giant Leap.”
– New Age World