OM LAND by David Vito Gregoli

Soothing new age music for Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Healing & Relaxation

Award-winning Producer/Guitarist David Vito Gregoli combines his unique talents with Grammy winning artist/composer Ricky Kej, accomplished singer/songwriter Kimberly Haynes and percussionist/sound healer Christo Pellani to bring you Om Land, a musical meditation on the divine sound.

With roots in the artists’ own spiritual philosophy, Om Land is inspired by the “OM” symbol.  “Without beginning or end, OM embraces all that exists,” explains Gregoli, an avid meditator and Buddhist. “Just pronouncing the OM syllables creates a percussive vibration that flows from the back of the throat onto the lips. A-U-M.” Adds Vito, “We started with that very personal and yet universal sound as the core, and then layered on our musical interpretations.”

Vito has interwoven the human voice, synthesizers, percussion and acoustic guitars to represent the spiritual and vibrational OM as a bath of sonic energy. The result is a soothing and yet uplifting listening experience that brings their audience into harmony with the Divine.

David Vito Gregoli – classical, acoustic, 12 string guitars, dobro, esraj, percussion, keyboards, voice, bass, piano



Ricky Kej – strings, keyboards, Om Chant 

Kimberly Haynes – vocals (Nirguna)

with Christo Pellani – percussion colors

Produced & Recorded byDavid Vito Gregoli

“…really rich, deep and beautiful….such an immersive experience…rich, resonant and deep”

“…it’s a beautiful piece of art! For the mind and soul.”

“…sophisticated and moving”