David Vito Gregoli’s dynamic Organic Nylon encompasses all areas of Latin guitar: classical, flamenco, ethnic/folk and jazz.

After years of rock ‘n roll, David Vito Gregoli began playing nylon classical guitar in college (getting a BA with a Musicology emphasis). One of his teachers was a South American guitar scholar, Richard Stover, who introduced him to Villa Lobos and Barrios, among others. This, along with his mother’s fancy for Afro-Cuban dance, eventually led to this project.

From the concert hall — to the jungles of Paraguay — to the dance floors of Barcelona, Listen to the sounds of the Nylon Guitar. An Organic sound.

Guest performances by World Percussionist Geoffrey Gordon (Robbie Robertson, Rita Coolidge, Krisna Das), drummer John Mahon (Elton John), World flautist Suzanne Teng and keyboardist David Joyce (Natalie Cole, Burt Bacharach, David Byrne.)

Produced & Recorded by
David Vito Gregoli

“Very sensual and irresistable. Great tunes, moods, sexy playing, fun. It’s both candlelight and a cold beer on a warm day dipping chips into guacamole. If you like Ottmar Leibert and the Gypsy Kings, you’ll love this!”

“When I listen to this , I visualize a hot summer night in Barcelona with Sangria , heavy Basque furniture in an outdoor cafe, and lots of candles. David Vito Gregoli has it exactly right. So check this out all of you romantics! Listen to it on the way to work and keep the mood all day.”

“Organic Nylon should be called ‘Orgasmic Nylon’.
This album sent shivers down my spine and had me begging for more!”