East/west ambient fusion of Indian vocals on a luscious bed of Soundscape

by multi-instrumentalist David Vito Gregoli and Indian virtuoso vocalist Mala Ganguly.


Acclaimed virtuoso Hindustani vocalist Mala Ganguly brings her world class “golden mellifluous” voice to the west.
A professional touring and recording concert artist, she performs regularly throughout the World. She is highly praised within and without the Indian communities for her voice, virtuosity, and spontaneous vocal improvisations. Her remarkable live performances give her audiences an inspired and impassioned experience of the heart & soul of the Classical and Semi-Classical styles of North Indian vocal music.
Mala’s vocal artistry has been featured on projects by Jai Uttal, Cheb i Sabbah, Donna De Lory, MPath and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.

David Vito Gregoli is a Composer/Producer/Multi Instrumentalist. His music is diverse and intense as well as passionate and romantic.
Vito is a true renaissance man with many talents.  His passion for truth in the creative process exemplifies his dedication of the dharmic path and a social-conscious lifestyle.
Vito’s lifelong work as a performer and producer has resulted in a deep understanding and appreciation of the fine nuances of musicality.
As he refers to himself, he’s a Sound Painter with the music and musicians as the brushes and paint.

Guest artists include Donna De Lory (Madonna), Nepalese flutist Manose (Deva Premal) & didjeridu wizard Stephen Kent (Steve Roach).

Produced & Recorded by David Vito Gregoli

“Mala Ganguly & David Vito Gregoli’s release “Prana – Healing Tones for Life” soothes the savage modern soul.  When I first heard it, I  was driving and pulled over to take a deep breath.
Instead of flooding us with loud bhajans, the music gently invites the listener in, to find the magic of the yoga in the sounds.
The vocals gently  teach us how to use our ears to do yoga simply by listening intently.
Healing Tones for Life does not assault us with the cool factor so often present in the Indian chanting groove which is so in now.
Instead, there is a sense of gently showing us how Shiva and Krishna can help us through our own struggles to manage stress, and experience music in a new way.


“Highly recommended.”
– Joanna Manqueros, KPFA

“I’ve been playing the CD all day…it’s beautiful….. intoxicating…. thank you so much for your huge heart!”
Yoga Practitioner