Soothing new age music for Yoga, Massage & Relaxation

“Single Shots: Yoga Heart Healing” is comprised of freshly imagined tracks that concentrate the relaxing and meditation-enhancing power of the highly regarded original “Yoga Heart Healing” album. For listeners with less time to luxuriate in the lengthier versions, these 6-8 minute ‘radio ready’ single shots are more readily experienced and yet every bit as satisfying as the original.

As a composer, producer, & multi-instrumentalist, David Vito Gregoli’s diverse music resonates passion & romance.  A true Renaissance man with many talents, his passion for truth in the creative process exemplifies his dedication to the dharmic path & a social-conscious lifestyle he leads. Native to L.A. Vito’s long time association with the music industry as a performer & producer has created a deep understanding & cultivated ear.

Referring to himself as a sound painter, Vito works with music & musicians as a painter works with brush & paint.   Integrating these elements together to flow & compliment each other, it creates a soulful path that allows we listeners to expand our inner universe.

“Music is such an such an integral part of our lives.  I want to remain true to the organic process of creation – which is why I created Dharmapala Records in 2001.  The word Dharmapala translates as ‘guardian of the dharma’, the teaching.  It’s actually the name my spiritual teacher gave me.  This translates to guarding the artistic integrity of the artists I work with & that’s a responsibility I take very seriously.  I meditate & I do hatha yoga regularly, I eat organic foods & stay away from red meat. It’s good for the music & good for my soul. These day to day practices have a profound impact on me & my existence.”

Produced & Recorded byDavid Vito Gregoli

“Beautiful, very peaceful and quiet.”  – Deva Premal

“The first notes from every track instantly melted the stress from my bones!” – Ashley Maher

“That is most definitely my kind of Chill Music!!! Love this!!  Warm & Expansive, vibrant yet relaxing – this is what I term true healing music”
– Jai Ma