Songs of Kuan Yin

Heart-Opening Music to Invoke the Divine Feminine

Various Artists (including “Prayer for Kuan Yin” by Donna De Lory and David Vito Gregoli)

– from Sounds True Records

In the legend of Kuan Yin, the ascended bodhisattva turns away from the gates of Nirvana in order to stay in the world until all sentient beings are free from suffering.

With Songs of Kuan Yin,a gathering of some of today’s most passionate and talented female performers bring you music inspired by this beloved deity—10 devotional offerings to immerse you in the “cool, cleansing waters of Kuan Yin’s compassion.”

Track Listing
1. Kuan Yin’s Mantra I – Lisa Thiel
2. Namo Kuan Shi Yin Pusa – Ana Hernandez/Ruth Cunningham/Harc
3. Prayer to Kuan Yin – Donna De Lory/David Vito Gregoli/Suzanne Teng
4. Gat‚ Gat‚ – Deva Premal
5. Chenrezi – Choying Drolma/Steve Tibbets
6. Om Mani Padme Om – Sacred Earth
7. Kuan Yin – Chlo‰ Goodchild
8. Heart Sutra – Wah!
9. Overture – Vi An Diep
10. Open My Heart – Ana Hernandez/Ruth Cunningham/Harc

Producer: Lee Townsend, David Vito Gregoli, Jenniffer Coffee (Compilation)

Album Notes
Adapter: Ana Hernandez.

Personnel: Choying Drolma, Donna De Lory, Ana Hernandez, Lisa Thiel, Ruth Cunningham, Baird Hersey (vocals); Paul Hollman (electric guitar, keyboards); Suzanne Teng (flute); David Vito Gregoli (keyboards, percussion); Vi An Diep (synthesizer).Audio Mixer: David V. Gregoli.Recording information: Los Angeles, CA.Editor: Paul Hollman.Arrangers: Ana Hernandez; Lisa Thiel; David Lord.

Customer Reviews

By Philip Boddy Jr.
I can easily become an insomniac and need to generate a calm environment. I’ve gotten into dimming the bedroom lights to zero per advice from this site AND playing a few songs that turn off in time to get me to la-la land. This selection works for me. Thanks.
By Maria Dinis
Lovely songs! I enjoy very much this cd. I recommend it warmly!
By Merrie Sand
Very lovely collection. Good for meditation and yoga. LOVE it!
By D. Ashbrook
I love this CD!
So soothing.
Especially the Donna de Lory/David V. Gregoli tune!
This is in my CD player by my bed permenantly!
By Stephanie Chavarria
Very beautiful music. I use it in meditation and also just doing chores around the house. Particularly the recordings featuring the Heart Sutra have helped me deepen my faith and practice of compassion for myself and others.
By Katherine Andersen
By Jeanne Segar
Absolutely wonderful – I love this CD – great for mediation and massage work!
By Shelley Seguin
Very peaceful and relaxing music, energy of the Sacred Feminine…
Byaislinn o’neill
anytime people ask me for music that is mantra related, or for meditation, yoga or general soothing purposes this is the cd i recommend – i’m even thinking about purchasing it for a cousin of mine who has panic attacks and high stress levels. each track is distinct in its own way [since it’s a compilation of artists!] but every single one is absolutely magic in sound form. i have used this cd with yoga, with meditation, and even when i’m having trouble sleeping as a way to soothe my thoughts. my finance is a rough critic when it comes to ‘new age’ or meditation music, and even he loves this cd. i have searched for hours and hours for another cd of meditational music of this quality and while i’ve found one or two that have come close this one is still the TOPS! i thank my lucky stars every day that i found this cd, because that’s how often i listen to it!

By deb w

By Alice Holejsovsky
beautiful to listen to in the car
By Jan Preston Dunn
I adore this CD…it is fun to sing with, it inspires me when I am working on my artwork. I recently lost my most beloved boyfriend and I have danced and cried listening to these beautiful chants. Kuan Yin’s energy comes through the music.
By Kim and Kathryn
Kathryn (Williams Syndrome) and I found this at a Whole Foods and fell in love with the lovely sounds. I use it now to paint as background sound!
By Pamela Zahnzinger
very thoughtful, light & lovely
By Stephanie Forcier
This is a beautiful and compassionate compilation of various artists with some very meditative melodies. There are some tracks I like better than others, but a little something for everyone. I could see it being used for women’s groups and meditations.
By Wendy Kura
Music is lovely what I heard unfortunately it started to skip but your staff very quickly have put another in the mail for me. Thank you.