October 30, 2023

It's Grammy Season which means not only do I get sent dozens and dozens of albums to listen to potential vote for on the first round ballot, but I have 5 projects I was involved with as producer, and sometimes writer or remixer on the ballot.
For those of you curious, here are the 5 and their listening links:

I was really delighted that my cover of "Fade Into You" with Chakuna Machi Asap was submitted, we had so much fun doing this together.
Producing tracks for Samir Bodhi's album "Memories of Empathy" was a pleasant challenge that yielded good results. I love a challenge LOL
Remixing Mariel's song "Sweetest Things" was alot of fun. The original production by Kitt Walkely and Justine Blazer was dead on, so taking it somewhere else more ambient was very rewarding.
N. Nicole Gilbert's song "Knowing The Ending" came out effortlessly which is so gratifying when that happens. Both in writing and producing. I mean...I love my job.
Lastly, I'm credited as Associate Producer on Stewart Copeland and Ricky Kej's "Beyond Borders" album but the kudos really go to the two of them. 😌✨🙏🏻

The nominees will be announced on Nov. 10th and I'll be so delighted if one of these makes the cut. :)

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