Encounter - Medicine Songs from Ma

June 27, 2022

Award nominated: "Encounter - Medicine Songs from Ma". Songs - from my heart to yours.

Co produced and engineered by David Vito Gregoli

"These songs were birthed back in 2013-14 during a very intense and beautiful time.
A time where Divine Mother: (Truth in your Heart, Source, Guru, God - All one)

showed up in me, in an undeniable way.

In a playful and effortless way.

In a very strong way.

Breaking the shell, expanding, and tearing me apart very quickly.
these songs were the blossoming

of following HER instructions.

An exquisitely painful de-shackling.

I have loved and hated these healing songs like any good affair!

Such an honor stewarding them into the world.

Mine to tend, but not mine...

It took 6 years for me to fully hold them in my heart.

to fully sing them from my heart.  

And to mature in LOVE.

And now its my sweet pleasure to share them with you.

May surprise catch you.

As it did me."

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