June 27, 2022

“Lyons’ intimate yet ethereal vocals, and her sincere lyrics combined with poignant soaring music & melodies create a lush space of serenity.

“The Light Within charted #3 on the Billboard New Age Charts, and “Eternal Now (ft. Ron Korb)” was nominated for an Independent Music Award and a Hollywood Music in Media Award. Some beautiful reviews have been coming in – you can read what people are saying, listen to the songs, and read the liner notes here: The Light Within, If you’d like to purchase a CD, the only place to do so is julietlyons.bandcamp.com. Digital downloads and streams are available everywhere (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Pandora, Amazon, etc). Thank you for the incredible support as I’ve sent this album into the world!”

The song “Flow” was produced and arranged by David Vito Gregoli and Juliet Lyons

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Juliet Lyons

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