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July 1, 2022
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Wild Monsoon Album Review–Stories of Nature Retold In Music

Vivek Kumar  2 weeks ago  5 min read  


The musical duo David Vito Gregoli & Ricky Kej is an exceptionally gifted and a rare combination in the world of music, which has achieved a never-before feat in the album “Wild Monsoon”. Before producing this album together, the two were shaped by versatile musical backgrounds on their independent journeys.

Vito has worked with a large number of frontline artists and has directed music production for many popular songwriters and singers. One of his stupendous achievements is the album and rock opera “Song Divine”, rendered in verse and rhyme.

Ricky has championed 16 studio albums, more than 3,500 commercials, and 4 feature films and has won more than 100 music awards in over 20 countries including winning the prestigious Grammy Award twice.

Vito’s deep spiritual pursuit and exposure to Vipassana meditation have encouraged him to collaborate with Ricky Kej, the renowned Indian music composer on “Wild Monsoon”. In this album, the pair has given the audience a masterpiece in new age music which nurtures and fosters a timeless spiritual quest in the listener. I found this an exceptional work facilitated by the artists’ incredible expertise in crafting music for a profound spiritual theme and purpose.

The Indian names of the different tracks of the album have been inspired by the four seasons and some beautiful aspects of nature. The tunes of all tracks wear an exceptional charm and wield a mesmerizing command over the listeners. The musicians have accomplished a stupendous work in bringing together carefully chosen melodies and rhythms to create a musical treat that will interact with the souls of the audience.

01 Greeshm (Summer)

The first opus Greeshm meaning summer starts the cycle of seasons duly continued by the next three tracks. The scorching heat of summer can make any traveler weary and tired. Nevertheless, when the travel is on a profound mission, the tough weather can never dissuade the intention. Hence the purpose of the journey adds a rare charm to the voyage. “Greeshm” is a bundle of inspiring tunes letting the listener focus on the goal. The captivating melodies teach the listener to enjoy the voyage thoroughly by enduring the difficulties with a smile.

02 Sheeth (Winter)

In the second track, the season changes to “Sheeth” or winter. Inside the clutches of biting cold, there isn’t much to do than remain cuddled inside the comforting beds. But, the purpose in front of the voyager does not allow him to rest. The thrilling rhythms lavishly scattered amidst the silky tunes of the track inspire the explorer to continue the travel of course with a different kind of mood.  

03 Vasant (Spring)

The arrival of spring changes everything around us. The greenish lands, colorful blossoms, and pleasing weather create the ideal ambience both inside and outside of us to move forward on a happy exploration. The third track titled “Vasant” meaning spring is a delightful composition ably recreating the charisma of the spring season in luring melodies. The listener is all set with a renewed energy to continue the travel in a jubilant mood.

04 Sharad (Autumn)

Sharad” or autumn season has an exclusive charm of its own. The paths are strewn with fallen leaves adding a soft touch to the feet. Nature wears different colors symbolizing that everything in life and earth moves through inescapable changes and change is the only thing that is constant on the earth. Impregnated with a mood different from the earlier tracks, this opus is nevertheless found clad in a cheerful temperament. Icing with vocal notes bestows a special touch on the opus.      

05 Mahatma (Vito Remix)

The Sanskrit term “Mahatma” translates into “Noble Soul”. All through the track, there is a Hindustani classical touch bestowed by a dexterous use of vocal notes. The elements of praise, admiration, and reverence are skillfully delivered through this inspiring composition. The tempo of the opus gradually surges moving forward and towards the end lingers in the mind as a soul-stirring experience. I found this one of the best opuses in this album.    

06 Vana (Forest)

A forest is a seat of multifarious life forms and myriad activities. The title “Vana” means forest and the lavish use of rhythms predominates this opus. A skillful scattering of electronic sounds over the full track mimicking animal and bird sounds creates the ambience of a forest. The musical notes and rhythms are handled effectively to elevate the moods of listeners to a thrilling state of existence. Any listener is sure to fall in love with this track.  

07 Jharna (Waterfall)

The cascade of a waterfall relieves the fatigue not only of the body but also of the mind. The title of the seventh opus “Jharna” translates into a waterfall. The seventh track is a never to miss one in the album and has a healing effect on the listener’s mind. The sense of freshness as we move to the end of this piece is highly evident and lasts for so long even after leaving the track.

08 Nadi (River)

Nadi” or river evokes several imaginations and is deeply connected with human culture, civilization, culture, and society. Throughout history, river beds have cradled civilizations. The progression of the track brings the meandering movement of the river in front of our minds. The melodies in this opus are soothing as well as uplifting.    

09 Badra (Rain) feat. Kimberly Haynes

It is rather not possible to find one who does not admire rain. Rain reminds us of resurgence, rebirth, growth, and prosperity. The ninth track named after rain, “Badra” brings to the listeners’ showers of joy and exhilaration. This is an exceptional kind of composition in the album featuring variety all through. When you are prepared for a resurgence, this track can heal and resurrect your fatigued mind. The showers intensify as the track moves on and give a sense of fulfillment.  

10 Baadal (Clouds)

While clouds add beauty to the sky, they also bring rains that sustain our lives. Titled “Baadal”, the final track is an admirable composition and a testimony to prove the creative energies of the musicians. The artists have exploited the power of tunes and rhythms skilfully to speak the theme of the track in a profound way. Providing a grand finale to the album, the creators have deployed “Baadal” uniquely to leave lasting impressions in the hearts of the audience.

Take Away
Over the recent past, I have never found big reasons to get fully immersed in a musical work. Though I am an avid listener of classical and new age music, few albums could inspire me in the way “Wild Monsoon” has done. I am sure every listener of “Wild Monsoon” would invariably share the same kind of experience while this album works with their spirits in a profound way.      

David Vito Gregoli and Ricky Kej

Opposite sides of the world, different generations, same musical inspirations.

2X Grammy® Award Winner, US Billboard #1 artist, GQ Hero 2020, Ricky Kej is an internationally renowned Indian Music Composer and Environmentalist. He has performed at prestigious venues in over 30 countries, including the UN Headquarters in New York and Geneva. Ricky has won over 100 music awards in  20 countries. He serves as the UNESCO MGIEP “Global Ambassador for Kindness”, UNCCD “Land Ambassador”,  UNICEF “Celebrity Supporter” & Ambassador for “Earth Day Network”.His vast repertoire of work includes 16 studio albums released internationally, over 3500 commercials and 4 feature films, including the natural history documentary ‘Wild Karnataka’ narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

Ricky’s awards include the United Nations “Global Humanitarian Artist” award and is conferred with the title “Youth Icon of India”. ‘Real Leaders’, a Signatory to the United Nations named Ricky Kej as one of the 100 Real Leaders who ‘Inspire the Future’. The House of Commons, Parliament of Canada awarded Ricky for his “Outstanding Musical and Humanitarian Achievement”.A chapter on Ricky’s life and musical journey is taught in the 7th grade English textbooks in India. Ricky Kej is also a professor at the prestigious National Institute of Advanced Studies.

Vito Gregoli's musical journey began in Pop, Rock and Blues. By the time he was in his teens, he was already hailed as a guitar virtuoso and working regularly in the L.A. club scene. He later studied classical music and received a Bachelors in Music from CSUN.

But it was Vito's spiritual quest that led him to the New Age and World Music scenes. He was introduced to  Meditation at the age of 13, and later Yoga. This in turn exposed him to Global Music and World instruments, from sitar to charango. His interests in the healing power of music and his Classical background seamlessly blended in with his expansive experiments in New Age music, expressed in his 1st release as an artist, "Yoga Heart Healing". Each of his subsequent releases reflect the healing aspect of music and his desire to bring that music to a greater audience.

Over the years, he's had the privilege of working with such New Age artists as Constance Demby, Jai Uttal, Deepak Chopra, Steven Halpern and Donna De Lory.

Meanwhile, Vito has embarked on the massive task of bringing the sacred text the "Bhagavad Gita" to the world as an album, "Song Divine - “The Bhagavad Gita Rock Opera”. Writer Lissa Coffey has translated the book: "Song Divine is written in verse and rhyme, the way the Bhagavad Gita (translated to "The Song of God" from Sanskrit) was originally intended."
The album featured Indian superstar Sonu Nigam and was released in October of 2021 to great acclaim.

Vito’s next release is with 2x Grammy winner and environmentalist Ricky Kej. “Wild Monsoon” drops in June 2022. It’s a eclectic blend of World Beat and New Age.
Ricky and Vito paired last on Vito’s “Om Land” album

Vito brings integrity and unique artistry to music that defies pigeon-holes. "I have the ability to hear something in everything" I can see round the bend when someone plays me an idea. That inspires me in the job of Producer.

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